Rhodescape Park

Special events

Welcome to Rhodescape Park.

Special events - International dj's, WEDDINGS and team building events

Rhodesape Park is also known for its lively music scene. A variety of music events has been hosted here, from 3 day festivals to 1 day events. The biggest event has been with Pretty Pink, a german DJ who has performed at Tomorrowland and other big festivals around the globe. 

Companies can come and use our park for their team building events too.  We can help you organize team building activities, cater food and djs for your team building event. 

The lake is a beautiful location for weddings, a unique scenery for your dream day. 


You can book your event by phone (+306945995168) or by email at info@rhodescape-park.gr

Rhodescape Park - rhodes island

Rhodescape Park provides a range of exciting activities that cater to individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Rhodescape offers unique alternative experiences.

The Rhodescape team share a common love and passion for sports and nature and the need to show you the real beauty of the island. Driven by this need we have discovered far away places and a different side of Rhodes.
As all members hold a degree in various fields such as Geography, Forestry, Environment and Education we are experienced and motivated to offer you a unique alternative escape guide.